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X won't start with Radeon 7000

I reported a while ago that I couldn't start X. I have broken the problem down to an issue with my new Radeon 7000. The install process correctly identifies the card but the resulting XF86Config does not allow X to start. Now that xf86config has been DELETED from the distribution how does one configure X?

Documentaion says you can run XFree86 -configure and copy the resulting XF86Config.new file to /usr/X11/XF86Config. The problem is that config file doesn't work either! I would like to know what RH expects a user to do at that point. An average user has no interest in learning emacs or vim commands nor the intracacies of the XF86Config file to edit it manually. RH linux will never hit the mainstream desktop if a user cannot get X to start.

I would like to know from RH WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? :-o

I do have my system up an running after installing RH 8.0 and using xf86config to build a config file that works and then u/g to phoebe-3. I have figured out the the problem seems to be with 3D acceleration. If I turn it on X will not start!

If anyone has some ideas re enabling 3D acceleration I would really appreciate some guidance.



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