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Re: scsi device symlinks

Jef Spaleta wrote:
On Mon, 2003-02-24 at 16:53, Bill Nottingham wrote:

Jef Spaleta (jspaleta@princeton.edu) said:
My limited...very limited understand of how this is suppose to work is
that once an ide cdrom drive is emulated as scsi..you should not access
the ide /dev/hdX listing...and the /dev/sg listing isnt the correct one
once it is emulated. AFAIK kudzu is doing it all wrong for the cdwriters
It should be making one symlink to /dev/scd#.
Nope, sorry. Youy access the *CD* as /dev/scdXXX, you access the
burner to write as /dev/sgXXX.

fine I'm wrong...I'm groping through this anyways...
so what the hell is using /dev/cdwriter symlink?
Or has cdrecord gotten to the point where it understands the /dev/
listing like /dev/cdwriter instead of the LUN listing like 0,1,0.
So the /dev/cdwriter symlink makes sense...
but the /dev/cdrom -> /dev/hdX symlink doesn't make since if its scsi
emulated, thats gotta to be an error.

It sure is a bug. I am getting curious as to what program is adding it automatically. The only thing that makes sense to me is that it is not getting realized by feedback from the kernel. hdd=ide-scsi parameter. Since it seems to see a new device. It names it /dev/hdd (via symlink /dev/cdrom? - so it adds this "new device" to the /etc/fstab file.

This is a guess. I'll try to remove the /dev/cdrom2 link and boot into the stock kernel for psyche to test the theory. With the latest kernel for phoebe3, I get this device added to my kernel.

Also, If I added an entry for /dev/scd0 to my fstab file and tried to use the disk management tool. It would not show up in the tool until the next reboot. I cannot remember if I tried mount on the command line. But I did try mounting /dev/hdd from the command line and got the same error mentioned earlier.

It is an entertaining problem though. Thanks for suggesting the adding entry, then rebooting the machine. Othrwise, I'd still be confounded by the problem.


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