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Re: 3rd Party Software for RHL (was Re: mp3, Real, Flash,plugins..)

On Mon, 2003-02-24 at 13:07, Warren Togami wrote:
> The ideas expressed in this thread were kind of my idea when making 
> these two projects.
> http://macromedia.mplug.org
> I obtained permission from Macromedia to repackage their binary and test 
> packages on various Linux distributions.  With simple documentation 
> (could be improved), apt-get and urpmi repositories (adding yum later) 
> and GPG signed security (could be improved...) it makes things easier 
> for users.  No more users screwing up tarball unpacking or creating 
> symlinks, the package does it all for them.
> Macromedia was the first of several proprietary companies that I want to 
> create this kind of arrangement.  It makes things so much easier for the 
> community while giving us a centralized place for the community to 
> complain and force companies into fixing bugs <evil optimistic grin>.
> Check out the Webalizer download statistics on the bottom of the Flash 
> site.  The download numbers of various Linux distributions are 
> interesting.  (Did you know that the majority of Linux users use 
> Konqueror?  That was surprising to me.)

And I'd think that if the site has Macromedia's blessing for
distribution then it would be a good url to stick in a "wrapper" plugin.

I wouldn't know where to start with a wrapper plugin - like flash that's
embedded in the webpage. I could probably learn python for a helper
action when something like realplayer gets called externally, or when
pdf's are double-clicked in Nautilus (ignoring time constraints)

Although thinking back when a plugin is missing doesn't Mozilla give
directions to "click here to install plugin" or something to that

I guess this discussion is more about gently pushing the Newbie direct
to Adobe.com to download acrobat, to mplug.org for an rpm of Flash, etc.
If I've been listening to the tales of Win XP correctly - doesn't that
automatically download viewers- it's just making users lazy..

Adam Allen.

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