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Re: HOWTO recover a lost root password (WHILE logged in)??

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Elton Woo wrote:

> On February 19, 2003 07:25 pm, seth vidal wrote:
> > > All other options I can think of involve a lot of processing power and a
> > > lot of time.
> >
> > If that's an md5 root password make that "A whole lot" of time.
> Let me rephrase my question: I've *forgotten* my root password.
> HOW can I change it _WHILE STILL_ logged into my user account?

There is no easy way!! Bite the bullet reboot the machine, and at the 
grub prompt hit e to edit the entry for the kernel you want to boot
add the word single to the end of the line and then boot the machine.
It will come up in single user mode. Change the passwd with the passwd
command to whatever you want it to be, switch back to multi user mode
and you are done. 

Yes, it is that simple. No boot disks necessary!!


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