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On 08/10/2011 07:00 PM, Bret Stern wrote:
> When I ssh into a remote host with putty from Fedora 13, I get an
> "access denied" message but still connect.
> When I ssh into the same remote host with putty from WindowsXP, I DO NOT
> get an "access denied" message but still connect.
> Is there something in the putty client that needs setting?

Check to see if you're trying to forward X11 ("ForwardX11 yes" in the
"/etc/ssh/ssh_config" file) on Fedora.  If so, that may be the cause
of the message if X isn't allowed by the remote host or it doesn't have
X installed.  You can also check /var/log/secure on the remote host to
see what it doesn't like.

putty for Windows can't do X11 forwarding as Windows doesn't have an
X11 server.
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