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Hi all,

I use Fedora on my server (email, web, etc.) and have been using Linux
Mint on my desktop and laptop.

I've noticed something that has caused me to ask this question. First,
what I've noticed:

When I update a package using that package's 'Check For Update' feature on
the Help menu (Virtualbox is a prime example), Linux Mint, which uses
dpkg, the debian package manager, automatically updates the repository
indexes on my PC and shows the package installed when I run Synaptic.

I don't remember YumX ever doing this, or any other RPM front-end, or rpm
itself from the commandline. If I didn't install a package from the
repositories, rpm didn't know it was there.

Do you know if this has been "fixed" (if it's actually broken)?

I'm going to install a new server with CentOS soon, and have toyed with
the idea of using it as my workstation OS as well.



Karl Pearson
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