Re: Can No Longer See Networked Printer (SOLVED)

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On Mon, 2009-10-19 at 14:44 -0700, Rick Stevens wrote:

> > 
> > Any ideas ? The machine that is having the issue is running Fedora 11.
> > But, so are most machines on my network, and they are having no issues
> > with printing.
> Obviously something changed.  Was the machine updated automatically?
> Did you check its firewall settings to make sure printing is allowed? 
> You can try turning off iptables ("service iptables stop" as root) and
> see if it works.  If so, make sure you allow IPP through its firewall
> (TCP/UDP port 631).
> Is selinux enabled?  Try "setenforce permissive" to see if that's it.
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Solved.  yes, it turned out it was an iptables issue. It's working fine
now. Thanks for the help.


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