excluding multipath devices using a pre script during kickstart

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I'm having trouble using kickstart to install onto an HP BL 465c G1
blade that has 2 LUNs presented to it from fibre-channel SAN. The first
one is where I want to install the system to, the second one is for use
later on.

A manual install from media works fine with no modifications to the
system, however the kickstart fails unless we remove all but one of the
LUNs presented to the system. This appears to be some kind of bug with

Unfortunately we don't have administrative control over the SAN, so it's
inconvenient to modify what LUNs are presented to a host for an install
(and in an emergency rebuild, we'd have to wait for them).

Can anyone here provide me with clues on how to mask or filter the
unneeded multipath devices during the install? I think a pre-script must
be the way, but I'm not sure where to start.



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