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Karl Pearson wrote:
On Mon, June 15, 2009 12:33 pm, Rick Stevens wrote:
Lupo, Kelly wrote:
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Are there any Liux-newb-friendly guides for setting up a primary
domain controller using RHEL of any version (or any RH-based distro
at this point I'll take what I can get), beginning from the install
the OS, and going all the way through to configuring Samba, LDAP,
There are quite a few just for setting up Samba and such for a
with Linux already on it, but I was looking more for something that
began at the beginning; which packages need to be selected for
install and such.
(Hopefully nipping any dependency issues before they crop up...)

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

I am attempting to get LDAP setup now and went for the GUI approach.

I'll let you know when I get this working.  The LDAP part is
supposedly working, but I
was going for a GUI to manage LDAP (command line LDAP is cumbersome)
and landed in a
GLIB/GTK compiling nightmare.  Seems you can't compile GTK without
first upgrading
GTK, which means compiling GTK, which I can't because.... My desk has
a forehead sized
dent in it now.

Lol, I don't envy you in that one.  Last time I had that type of
situation, I gave up and started over; please let me know if you fix
it a different way, though!

The only thing I can think of, would be to boot a liveCD of the same
distro, compile it there, transfer to USB drive, and hope it worked on
the main one...  I'm not too sure how effective that would be
If you need an LDAP GUI client, I'd recommend GQ.  Webmin also has
reasonable LDAP tools, both as a client and to manage the server.

Speaking of Webmin; when was it removed from the fedora repos? Or am I
dreaming and it wasn't ever in fedora and I'm just remembering it being
in Redhat v8, which was the last 'redhat' I used on my servers?

I don't recall it ever being in Fedora, but I could be wrong there.  I
always just got the tarballs and installed from there.
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