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As for top posting, I don't think you have to start your reply where
MS leaves your cursor.  Just arrow down to where you want to insert a
reply, open up a line and start typing there.  See also

On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 09:42:24PM -0500, Brenda Radford wrote:
> I am running RHEL AS 4 U5.
> It is an Acer H213H new-fangled monitor (it's huge).
> The video card is an ATI Radeon 9250.
> I have tried hooking it up with a VGA cable and a DVI cable. It made no
> difference.
> I tried hooking it up to a VGA monitor. The floppy disk light came on and
> stayed on, so I unplugged the floppy drive and disabled it in the BIOS.
> I got some text display on the VGA monitor related to the BIOS only. No Red
> Hat text of any kind

Sounds like the hard drive or memory is not coming up.  Does the
machine do a single beep shortly after reset or power-on?  If not,
something's failing the POST (power-on self test).  Power it off and
get inside the box and pull and reseat memory sticks and any add-on

If it does beep, then POST is good.  Hit Del or whatever is prescribed
to get into the BIOS after the beep.  Does the BIOS recognize the hard
drive?  If not, power down, open it up, and pull and reseat the cables
that connect the hard drive(s) to the motherboard.

Let us know how far you get.

> I do not know how to boot up in text only mode. You will have to tell me how
> to do that
> I hope it is not DOA. It was working a couple of months ago. I did not have
> the money to renew my Red Hat Academic subscription until today, and I was
> hoping to get the box updated.
> Thanks to all you guys; I hope I answered all your questions. I love this
> install list.
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> Brenda Radford wrote:
> > I think I am in trouble already because I am top posting, but blame it on
> > Windows.
> > 
> > When I turn the Red Hat box on with the new monitor hooked up, I get the
> > motherboard splash screen and then the screen goes blank. I do not see any
> > of the text I am supposed to see when the computer is booting up.
> > 
> > Does that change your answer of what to try to do? I tried Ctrl-Alt-F1
> with
> > no results on the screen.
> > 
> > I should have given more detail when I asked the question.
> We need a bit more data:
> 	What version of Red Hat are you running?
> 	What monitor is it? (make and model)
> Try booting in text only mode and see if it comes up.  If you don't know
> how to do that, let us know, but also tell us the info above.
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