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On Fri, 28 Nov 2008, Dick Bentley wrote:

Running three OSs plus Knoppix on an AMD64-based machine with 3 large SATA
drives, onr allocated to each system -- currently XP Prox64, Debian, and
Ubuntu -- I started out with XP, Fedora, and Ubuntu.  When I upgraded Ubuntu
it correctly modified the GRUB bootloader, but when I upgraded Fedora to 9
it failed to recognize and incorporate the other operating systems.  My goal
with this circus is to identify a Linux or Unix based system I will be happy
with as a replacement for Microsoft when they quit supporting XP, which is
as far as I'm willing to go with them on my home/office workstation (a very
small and neglected market).

Anyone know if Fedora 10 will play nice with XP and Ubuntu via GRUB?

Forgot: don't know about Fedora 10. I use Fedora 8 on my servers... But, I would recommend single booting into Linux Mint or PCLinuxOS and then installing VMWare Server and put your XP Pro on that. I do that, but haven't found a need to even run it for several months now... I kept Win98se on it, and used it to test boot into various distros, too. I still do that, but haven't for a while there either.

Again, HTH,


I gave up on SUSE, which seems determined to have the whole machine or
nothing; but I would like to get a little more experience with Fedora.  I
still have freeBSD and Solaris on my list as well.  I always ran Red Hat
with my Windows system at home until they split off Fedora and went for the
corporate market, and I have worked in Windows, MacIntosh, and Solaris shops
-- so now that I am in my Golden Years I do know what I am groping toward.
Sort of.



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