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On Fri, 28 Nov 2008, Dick Bentley wrote:

Running three OSs plus Knoppix on an AMD64-based machine with 3 large SATA
drives, onr allocated to each system -- currently XP Prox64, Debian, and
Ubuntu -- I started out with XP, Fedora, and Ubuntu.  When I upgraded Ubuntu
it correctly modified the GRUB bootloader, but when I upgraded Fedora to 9
it failed to recognize and incorporate the other operating systems.  My goal
with this circus is to identify a Linux or Unix based system I will be happy
with as a replacement for Microsoft when they quit supporting XP, which is
as far as I'm willing to go with them on my home/office workstation (a very
small and neglected market).

Anyone know if Fedora 10 will play nice with XP and Ubuntu via GRUB?

I gave up on SUSE, which seems determined to have the whole machine or
nothing; but I would like to get a little more experience with Fedora.  I
still have freeBSD and Solaris on my list as well.  I always ran Red Hat
with my Windows system at home until they split off Fedora and went for the
corporate market, and I have worked in Windows, MacIntosh, and Solaris shops
-- so now that I am in my Golden Years I do know what I am groping toward.
Sort of.

I would recommend trying Linux Mint. Version 6 just came out, but I've been very happy with version 5 and still use it until I have time to boot to the v6 live CD and see what an upgrade will do. It's still a Beta, so you might want to try 5 anyway. It's based on Ubuntu, but doesn't have the limitations in the repositories Ubuntu has, which is why I don't like Ubuntu anyway.

Another very good distro is PCLinuxOS. The main developer has had personal issues to deal with, so the 2008 release never got out, but some other developers have stepped in and will be releasing a 2009 version soon. PCLOS has a control panel which rivals any I've seen on any OS, bar none. This distro is based on RedHat.





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