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Karl Pearson wrote:
On Mon, 13 Oct 2008, Rick Stevens wrote:

Karl Pearson wrote:
What can I do so email from my server that fails doesn't have
MAILER_DAEMON@NODOMAIN as the return address.

The problem is these emails get hammered by Spamassassin... I probably missed something in setting up this new server because this wasn't an issue on the old one. I thought it was something in /etc/mail/ but can't see

Fedora Core 4 vs Fedora 8

The "MAILER-DAEMON" stuff in error messages comes from the "Dn" option
in  I can't recall what the .mc thing is called and I don't
have my bat book handy.

And I can't find mine... I guess that's about the same thing as not having it 'handy' for me.

I put mine in a box in the garage when I changed jobs and haven't had a
need for it here.  Guess it's time to plow through that stuff again.

The "Dn" option is the user name for error reporting.

The "NODOMAIN" stuff sounds like the domain isn't set for the mailer.

All other emails generated at the OS level have the correct domain. I'll go check and if I have to, I'll just modify

I'll find ye ol' bat book and report back tomorrow.
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