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I've still got Fedora 4 running on my server and am bringing up Fedora 9
on my backup server. After several years of operation, there are a lot of
applications and a lot of config files I have to set up on the backup
server. Once I get that all figured out, I'll update the online server to
Fedora 9.

I AM running Fedora 9 on my HP laptop, and it's working well. A while back
there was a kernel update that killed it, but I was able to go back to a
previous one and have it work. I like that Fedora 9 is now supporting the
internal MMC/SD card reader, since I lost my little USB one somewhere. The
network manager seems to work fine for me on managed wireless networks and
my DHCP wired network. Last time I tried, it did not work on an ad hoc
network, but that may be the wireless card driver I'm using (which is
probably out of date) that I pulled from Windows with fwcutter.


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