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Waldher, Travis R wrote:
I’ve got a machine acting as a portal between a public network and a private network. Right now, all you can do is ssh in to the box from the public side, and then do as you please on the private side. You cannot ssh or form any other connection that wasn’t initiated by a client on the public side of the machine. Think of it as a roach motel.

Well, I need to be able to pull information from an LDAP server that is on the public network.

How do I setup my firewall so that it will first allow outbound traffic on port 389 (any others?) and second forward any requests it receives from other machines on the private network on.

Hey, Travis!  Long time, no speak!

If this were a normal machine (one not acting as a router), the way you
worded the above sounds like the only incoming connections allowed are
for ssh (TCP port 22), so you probably have a rule such as:

-A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 22 -j ACCEPT

in your ruleset.  Assuming that the OUTPUT chain has a default policy
of "ACCEPT", you should also have rules such as:


before the final "-j REJECT" (or "-j DROP") in the input chain.  That
should allow ANY TCP traffic as long as it was INITIATED from the
local machine.

If the machine is a router, then we'd probably have to get into
specifying the different NICs in the rules (by use of the "-i"

Could you post your current ruleset so we can get a grip on what you
have set up?  It may be a really simple fix or a simpler ruleset may work.

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