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John Dunn wrote:
I am trying to configure a US Robotics Sportster Message Plus modem on RHEL 5. I have connected it to the serial port, but when I try to add a modem device via the Nework screen it says it cannot find any modems What am I doing wrong?

First, double check that you have the serial port enabled in your
system's BIOS (many disable it).  Second, make sure the modem is powered
up (you knew that).

You'll probably need a null-modem cable to connect it to the PC.  Serial
port devices come in two flavors: DTE (data terminal equipment) and DCE
(data communications equipment).  A straight cable will connect a DTE
device to a DCE device.  Modems are DCE, but for some odd reason, some
twit decided that computers should be DCE as well.  So, to connect a DCE
device to a DCE device, you need a "null modem" cable.
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