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I have problem registering the up2date with my RHEL AS 4 system.

We have purchased this for one of our servers and got it preinstalled. So I tried to register it with up2date. I have received the “Red Hat login creation request” and “New Subscription Activation” emails, then I have create the account and in the Customer Center I see (surprisingly) two subscriptions – “Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS Academic Edition Serviced System“ and “Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Academic Edition)” with Installation Numbers.

Now I have tried to register with up2date and get the “Insufficient Software Channel Entitlements: cfid5488 Red Hat…All available subscriptions for the requested channel have been exhausted” error. I must mention that I have succeeded with registering once before but the system did not appeared in the RHN and I have tried to reregister it.

Now I see no systems in RHN, in the Customer Center I see “You do not currently have any web support entitlements” (does this mean that I have no support?) and can’t download updates with up2date L


Does anybody have any advice?



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