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> From: Alok Pandey [mailto:alok.rhct@xxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 11:35 PM
> To: Getting started with Red Hat Linux
> Subject: Remote linux installation
> Hi Masters ,
> Can any one help me with remote installation of linux.
>  I want to do linux installation remotely, under my control. A blank
> machine ( shipped directly  to one of my client  from dell) is  on
> public network.
> Now I want to do linux installation on that machine. I have heard
> doing this by tptp server and PEX  configuration , but i think
> me if i am wrong) it will help only if , the machine is on local
> subnet,
> not on public.
> So is there any way to do this ??
> Any suggestion is welcome !!
> thanks in advance ...!
> --Alok

On a non-tech note.  Wouldn't it be easier to ship the computer to you

No matter what your client is going to have to do some stuff on his/her
end.  Heaven forbid any piece of hardware (or driver) isn't right and it
causes issues with the install.

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