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Re: Re: Distribution-release information..

--On Tuesday, January 04, 2005 5:58 AM +0000 Atul Kamat <atul.kamat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  Sorry about that.But if the distribution is redhat and the
redhat-release.rpm has been uninstalled ,is there another way by which i
can find out the exact release version of the redhat distribution."uname"
doesnt provide with much info abt the release right...??

I'm not sure how useful that info would be anyway. Many admins update their systems using 3rd party packages where the distro doesn't keep up with the latest developments. It would be better to test for specific features rather than the whole distro version.

If you know you have an RPM-based system, you can use RPM to get a lot of info about it. For instance, you could poll all installed packages for version and vendor, and infer what the base distro was and what's been added to it. "rpm -Va" will tell you what's been customized. Compare "rpm -qla" to the filesystem to see what's *not* under RPM's control.

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