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Re: ioremap: How to

On 19 Jul 2003, rahul  patil wrote:

> hi,
> I want build an application that requires the exact memory address 
> (for LCD display). I use ioremap to achieve that. However, when i 
> try to compile the file, i get the following error.
> implicit declaration of ioremap
> and hence
> unreferenced ioremap
> I assume that this is becuase I can use ioremap only in kernel 
> mode. I have tried using ioperm and iopl, but these work only on 
> intel architecure and my platform does not support this. Nor do i 
> have the device file /dev/port for my platform.

And just what _is_ your platform?

> Is there are any way, I can access and set the memory directly in 
> the user(application) mode ? I do want to avoid building a driver 
> and recompiling with the kernel.
> The source code is as simple as
> #include<asm/io.h>
> void main()
> {
>   ioremap(0x10000,100);
> }
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