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Re: Newt/Slang and non VGA tty's.

> James Olin Oden (joden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) said: 
> > Hi All,
> > 
> > I have been using libnewt to build various system administration utitilities,
> > and things were working pretty good until I went to Phoebe.  Where I have
> > problems is when I run the programs in a non-vga tty (such as an ssh sessioin
> > or accross a serial port).  I found an interesting work around, in that 
> > if I set my TERM var to vt400-8 it seems to give me a fairly nice gracefully
> > degraded view, but not perfect.
> What is your locale set to?
Hi Bill,

I know what locale means, but I have never set it intentionally,
so how would I check?  Is it some environment variable?  


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