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Re: GTK+ or QT ???

On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, Thomas Dodd wrote:

> John wrote:
> > My own bias favours KDE over Gnome because
> > .  I believe C++ a better programming language for this kind of work
> > than C. It does more to help programmers avoid silly errors such as
> > buffer overruns.
> Are the C++ bindings for gnome? I know GTK+ has GTK--.

As I said, you can write Gnome applications in C++.

However, the underlying engine is written in C, and my bias says that's

> > .  I think the recent move in Gnome to this button order in dialogues
> >   <help> ..... <ok>
> >    defeats one of the goals espoused in the Gnome standards/guidelines of
> > making UIs consistent and easy to use. Older Gnome, KDE, OS/2 and
> > Windows has "ok" or equivalent on the viewer's left.
> It believe that, like the buttons in KDE is changable.
> see the recent OSNews.com article here 
> <http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=2997>
> I imagine the GNOME HIG developers had a reason for that placement.

Maybe, but I don't intend to install Gnome now, except to see what's
new. I think if the Gnome folk think they're going to reeducated
millions of Windows users easily, they're sadly mistaken.

Nor can the expect developers such as Sun (StarOffice), Netscape or
webdesigners (many of whom devlope for IE!) to comply, and the result
wil be ongoing confusion for Gnome users who will continue to have to
deal with all these insconsistencies..

Heck, I dare not inflict Red Hat Linux 8.x on my wife who could be sure
to complain that "it's different." I have entirely enough trouble moving
to 7.x from 6.x, and to OOo from SO 5.2.

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