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Re: Gcc libraries

On Mon, 17 Feb 2003, Ajay Bansal wrote:

> Hi All
> I am using gcc 3.2.1 for building my code. 
> Now the end customer may not have the shared libs used by gcc like
> libstdc++so.5 etc.
> Can I ship these libraries along with the product? Or Do I have to
> follow some procedure

read the licence that applies to gcc. You will find you can distribute
those libraries. If you do, you must also contract to supply the source
code etc (or just include it).

However, I would be reluctant to install gcc and its libraries on
any system where it's not the standard compiler.

You can also statically link your program with those libraries (you
still have that source problem), but that has other disadvantages:
a. Wasted disk space with duplicated code
b. Longer startup times because you force the system to load one copy of
the library code for each copy of the app. In contrast, if you use
shared libraries (and especially, the same version in use on the
client's system), you need load only one copy for the whole system.
c. If there are bugs in the RTL, then you will need to ship new versions
of your code so you can replace the RTL. In contrast, if you use the
shared libraries, the client can fix the problem by installing vendor

I recommend you use the same version of gcc your client does.

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