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Beginner trouble linking


I'm new to Linux/Unix development and I"m having a bit
of trouble with something quite basic.  I've written a
simple test library located in
ex7Stack.h/ex7Stack.cpp.  I am able to build the
library as follows:

g++ -c -o ex7Stack ex7Stack.cpp

I then write a small test program located in ex7.cpp
which uses the stack library.  I then try to build
this program as follows:

g++ -o ex7 -L . -l ex7Stack ex7.cpp

but the linker complains that it can't find

I can't figure out how to identify my library to the
linker?  Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong?

ps - I can build everything if I do it in one fell
swoop as follows:

g++ -o ex7 ex7Stack.cpp ex7.cpp

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