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Chris Tooley wrote:
> Apt has some deficiencies in it's dependency resolution.  It's really
> good, but up2date came along before apt4rpm and it doesn't require a
> special repository to function, any ole ftp server will work.

   Ok. I have 3 binary CD with RH8.0.
   How can install some package with up2date from CD? I don't know,
where the package places.
   With APT, I scanning CDs and after this, simply type command:

apt-get install somepkg

   APT without me will be know, what CD has needed package and put
change CD request. Of couse, while installation, APT will install
dependence packages too and put change CD request, if needed.
   I don't understand, how do this with up2date!

С уважением, Виктор

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