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Re: Ethernet interface shuts down


On Tue, 9 Jul 2002, nitin panjwani wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have three Linux boxes running RH7.2 and each one of
> these has two 3com Ethernet NICs.  I am trying to do
> some routing stuff with these.
> Ethernet interfaces on these boxes shut down by its
> own if I do not pass the packet through them for a
> while. I am not able to understand why is it
> happening.
I've seen this also few times, quite long time ago though.

Make sure you have patched the system to latest
available, then if that does not help or you have
already done it see if

- lsmod shows is the driver module still loaded?
  - if it is not you have at least two options

    a) add -k option to front of module name in /etc/modules.config
       (see man modules.config)

    b) prevent cron unloading the module, check /etc/cron*

  - if driver module is loaded, but your interface
    still does not work make sure you are not hit
    by PCI power-management, thus checking what you
    have in BIOS.

> One more thing when I use “ip addr show” it shows that
> interface is there , but ifconfig doesn’t. I guess
> that is because ifconfig shows only the interfaces
> that are up.
Sounds like the driver is unloaded to me. As usually
when you don't have the module you can't see nothing
with the ifconfig (if you haven't compiled the driver
statically to kernel).

> Any help on this will be really appreciable .
BTW, this is not actually a Red Hat 7.2 tech-support
list, your question would have been more appropriate
at enigma-list or redhat-list.

A side note to Red Hat folks listening, it would be
possibly worth cosidering to add the list information
from https://listman.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/ to
http://www.redhat.com/mailing-lists/ as it appears
that many have problems assosiating the release name
with the release number and directing the question
to right list.


:-) riku

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