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Re: Build/Development environments...

> Have you looked at UML  (User Mode Linux)
No I haven't but that is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for.
Not that its the perfect soultion necessarily (I still have to play 
with it), but I needed some advice from out side the box I was 
thinking in (-: 
> http://user-mode-linux.sourceforge.net/
> With it, you create a series of independent virtual Linux boxes.
The only issue with that is how well it scales.  Also, I quickly did
look at it and it looks like you have to provide a file per environment
(i.e. representing the HD).  I bet you could have that file live on a NFS
mount, but again I wonder how it would perform.  Must read some more, and 
> Conceptually, even kernel panics are kept isolated to their own virtual box.
Which sounds's great for some of our device driver work.

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