Debugging Environment

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i wanted to ask concerns about which advices you could give to perform
a succesfull debugging analysis:

A - Excluding filesystem-related problems
a.1 Consistency check through fsck.reiser4 --check /dev/<device>, if
consistent it's not related (or it could?)

B - Bug analysis tools
b.1 always verbosing commands (to catch what triggered it)
b.2 debug.reiser4 (it can be used upon a corrupted-by-bug partition?)
b.3 fsck.reiser4 output
b.4 logs output
b.5 package-consistency-check tools output
b.6 hardware integrity check (through sensors, smartctl, etc)
b.7 later-reproducing with gdb,memwatch,yamd,electric fence
b.8 kernel-related tools (dumping,MagicKeys,kdb,kgdb,lkcd,etc)

C - Reporting
c.1 which is the actual bugtracking place? (it's still's bugzilla?)
c.2  for me it's ok through mailing list :)

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