Re: ls: reading directory .: Input/output error on reiser4 partition

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On Mon, 11 Apr 2011 15:57:23 +0200, Edward Shishkin
<edward.shishkin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 04/11/2011 03:50 PM, doiggl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Hello
>> I get this error on a Reiser4 disk:
>> What are the commands to
>> - check disk structure
> make sure /dev/sdd is unmounted, or mounted read-only;
> fsck.reiser4 /dev/sdd
>> - list any errors
>> - repair errors
>> I am using Reiser4 vers 2.6.38
>> Build log

Thanks for the info
I did the following
- installed reiser4progs
- umount  /dev/sdd

This next step will take a long time [in progress] Its at 0%
-I'll reply later with full result, its checking 1.2 TB data and > 250,000

What I have so far.

# fsck.reiser4 /dev/sdd
This is an EXPERIMENTAL version of fsck.reiser4. Read README first.
***** fsck.reiser4 started at Tue Apr 12 01:18:23 2011
Reiser4 fs was detected on /dev/sdd.                                      

Master super block (16): 
magic:          ReIsEr4 
blksize:        4096 
format:         0x0 (format40) 
uuid:           3006ced1-7490-4ea8-a9b8-d82143c6bede 
label:          <none> 
Format super block (17): 
plugin:         format40 
description:    Disk-format plugin. 
version:        0 
magic:          ReIsEr40FoRmAt 
mkfs id:        0x1ddaf754 
flushes:        0 
blocks:         488378640 
free blocks:    184741937 
root block:     240062537 
tail policy:    0x2 (smart) 
next oid:       0xe6e2d 
file count:     254746 
tree height:    6 
key policy:     LARGE 
FSCK: node.c: 108: repair_node_items_check: Node (7616539), items (6) and
(7): Wrong order of keys.                                                  

FSCK: filter.c: 407: repair_filter_update_traverse: Node (7616539): the
node is broken. Pointed from the node (35239054), item (12), unit (0). The
subtree is skipped.
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