Re: Question about reiser performance - short system freezes

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On 02/24/2011 04:21 AM, Jaroslav Fojtik wrote:
Dear Edward Shishkin,

May be that my comment might be userfull for your reiser development:

I am facing following performance issue. The reiser works without data loss,
but system sometimes hangs for 15s, mouse cursor is frozen and after this
period it continues to work without any problem. It is strange, because I have 6 cores
and all of them seems to be locked and waiting for something.

Hanging occurs during intensive file search like find, or first phase
of rsync.

It seems to me that both reiser3 and reiser4 suffer by this issue.
I have found BKL inside reiser3, but reiser4 seems to be without BKL.

It is also strange that OS resides on different partition that should not
be affected by reiser locking.

May be that it could be problem large say 600GB HDD partition. But these partitins
are normal nowadays.

Is there any idea how to overcome this issue?

Which kernel version?

I have tested these kernels: and 2.6.34.

Hello Jaroslav.

It might be a regression that have been fixed in the latest
kernels. Consider upgrading to .37. If it doesn't disappear,
then please send the SysRq-w output.

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