Re: [PATCHSET] workqueue: update workqueue users - replace create_workqueue()

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On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 03:29:21PM +0100, Tejun Heo wrote:
> Hello,
> There was no response for the following patches and I'm planning on
> routing them through workqueue#for-2.6.39.  If you have an objection
> or want to take the patch through a different tree, please let me
> know.
>  0006-acpi-kacpi-_wq-don-t-need-WQ_MEM_RECLAIM.patch
>  0007-cpufreq-use-system_wq-instead-of-dedicated-workqueue.patch
>  0012-i2o-use-alloc_workqueue-instead-of-create_workqueue.patch
>  0013-misc-iwmc3200top-use-system_wq-instead-of-dedicated-.patch
>  0016-scsi-be2iscsi-qla2xxx-convert-to-alloc_workqueue.patch
>  0018-scsi-scsi_tgt_lib-scsi_tgtd-isn-t-used-in-memory-rec.patch
>  0019-usb-ueagle-atm-use-system_wq-instead-of-dedicated-wo.patch
>  0025-ext4-convert-to-alloc_workqueue.patch
>  0026-ocfs2-use-system_wq-instead-of-ocfs2_quota_wq.patch
>  0027-reiserfs-make-commit_wq-use-the-default-concurrency-.patch
>  0028-xfs-convert-to-alloc_workqueue.patch
>  0029-net-9p-use-system_wq-instead-of-p9_mux_wq.patch
>  0030-net-9p-replace-p9_poll_task-with-a-work.patch
>  0031-rds-ib-use-system_wq-instead-of-rds_ib_fmr_wq.patch

Patches applied to wq#for-2.6.39 w/ collected acks added.

Thank you.

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