Re: [patch 1/5] mm: add nofail variants of kmalloc kcalloc and kzalloc

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On Tue, 24 Aug 2010, Dave Chinner wrote:

> > git grep GFP_NOFAIL isn't auditable enough?
> > 
> > might as well declare these functions depricated if you really want to
> > do this.
> Also, if you are going to add tight loops, you might want to put a
> backoff in the loops like "congestion_wait(BLK_RW_ASYNC, HZ/50);" so
> that they don't spin....

These loops don't actually loop at all, all users are passing 
order < PAGE_ALLOC_COSTLY_ORDER which implicitly loop forever in the page 
allocator without killing anything (they are all GFP_NOIO or GFP_NOFS, so 
the oom killer isn't involved).
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