Re: How do I tell RedHat that I have deleted packages and don't want YUM to put them back

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On Fri, May 04, 2012 at 10:05:23PM +0000, Rob Tanner wrote:
> I'm running a web server Enterprise 5.x and it had the distro
> version (5.1.6) of PHP which, unfortunately, is too old a version
> for WordPress which requires at least PHP 5.2.x and so I built that
> from source.  The problem I have is when I run updates since the
> update process will replace the Apache module which, in
> turn, breaks WordPress.  My solution was to erase the distro PHP
> packages and what I want to make sure is that yum doesn't put them
> back the next time RedHat updates one of them.   
> So, is the fact that they're erased sufficient in itself or do I
> need to run some other program update the machines profile at
> RedHat? 

You'll probably be better off not running your own compiled versions
of PHP.  If you've got RHEL5 and a current subscription, why don't you
try the 'php53' packages?  It provides PHP 5.3.3 and is part of RHEL5,
so you get security updates and API stability.

Jonathan Billings <jsbillin@xxxxxxxxx>
College of Engineering - CAEN - Unix and Linux Support

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