Squid configuration for group based acl's

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Hi Team,

I am using squid proxy in my office for website/user based restrictions.
The same I have configured with NCSA authentication so that it will ask for
user id and password for login to the websites. Beside that I have included
white listing too. The user ID's for authentication are AD(active
directory) user ID's but i am not integrated squid with AD, instead I am
creating the user with "htpasswd"
locally for authentication.

My requirement is:

I want to give full internet access to 7 users and only 2 sites to other 8
users along with NCSA authentication.  So unix group based authentication
is possible in squid  along with NCSA checks. Otherwise I need to configure
a separate squid server for this two type of categories ? Please help me
with the best practices.


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