Re: MUA / SMTP client / script to send email via a mail relay server

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have you ever used cpan before?

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 8:35 AM, sunhux G <sunhux@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have a Linux RHES 4.5 box that's on the same subnet as my Postfix
> box.  For security reasons, I'm not allowed to ftp/scp/sftp files between
> this box & the Postfix server.
> I have the following Perl script which I wanted to use to mail (& attach
> files) out to the outside but alas the Perl script below gave an error
> that "Mime-Lite module is not available" on this server when I use it:
> The tool above has a  --host (or --server) option which would have enabled
> me to point to the Postfix server to enable email to be sent out from this
> RHES 4.6 box via the Postfix box.
> It will take weeks for Change Managemt to approve installing Mime-Lite
> module, so I'll need help on the following :
> a) is there an MUA (mailx, mutt, sendmail) that would enable me to
>    perform this same function of pointing to the Postfix server & attach
>    a file to be mailed out?  Kindly provide the full syntax/example
> b) is there another script (that uses say "telnet postfix_IP 25" & EHLO)
>    to do this function.  Let me know the full url
> c) where can I download this Mime-Lite rpm ?
> Thanks
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