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On 25/10/11 21:23, Doll, Margaret Ann wrote:
Installing Mathematica on my mac did not help with the display from the head
node on the cluster.

I copied over the Fonts directory from the head node for Mathematica.  I
installed the fonts in a /usr/local/mathematica/7.0/SystemFiles/Fonts
I then linked .fonts in my home directory to the new Fonts directory.

That did not help.

.fonts ->  /usr/local/Mathematica/7.0/SystemFiles/Fonts
ls .fonts
AFM    BDF    SVG    TTF    Type1

You may need to restart the X server for new font directories to get noticed. I can't remember if there's a way to tell the X server to load new configuration files. To get it to use new font directories on the fly you would normally use xset +fp.

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