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Google IS your friend. Googling lamp on rhel returns a ton of results.
Basically you install the packages, configure autostart with chkconfig,
configure mysql, install modphp, and poke holes in iptables.
On Oct 19, 2011 7:28 AM, "mark" <m.roth@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ambadas bhagat wrote:
>> Dear RedHat Experts
>> I am using RHEL 4 and 5 so i have developed php website which backend is
>> mysql that is currentlly running in
>> windows, but i want to setup LAMP in linux how can i do this , i want to
>> store same code and database into the linux
>> i am not getting proper documentation also. so plz tell me what can i do
> There is *so* much wrong with this post....
> 1. RHEL 6 is out. Why are you running 4?
> 2. You say that you've got the website running on Windows, but that you'er
> using RHEL: which is it?
> 3. Do you actually understand what php and mysql are, and where they came
> from?
> 4. Do you know what LAMP stands for?
> Try googling HOWTO set up a lamp stack. Then reading it. You sure don't
> give any indication that you've even tried, nor what your problems are;
> instead, it looks like you want us to do your job for you (and what are you
> going to pay us if we do that?).
>        mark
>        mark
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