Re: Is there a way to skip mounting an encrypted filesystem (RH 6.1)?

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 When booting in text mode, RH6.1 asks for the password for an encrypted filesystem.
 We don't want to mount it, but skip mounting it!


Phil Savoie says:

 Just a shot in the dark here.  How about commenting out the entry in both the /etc/fstab and the /etc/crypttab?

Ron de Kuijer says:

 Check /etc/fstab for the filesystem's mount-point and add the option "noauto" to the fourth field (options)

Thanks guys,

I think it would be great if the boot process said something like "enter password to decrypt or CTRL-D to skip"...
Guess I will open a RFE in bugzilla.

Best regards,

-- David

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