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On 19Aug2011 22:29, Alex Troubadour <fasnet99@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
| Hi, Cameron,
| thanks for your reply.  Adding the check for xterm helped.  There is
| no "xterm" in the path.

So, what is the $PATH as recited in the output file?
Also, xterm seems no longer installed by default; IMO this is an error -
it is the "basic always available" terminal program and not installing
it is a bit like not installing /bin/sh, albeit not as serious.

Of course, nothing prevents you installing xterm with yum; it is certainly
available in RHEL6. Unless you're not the sysadmin I suppose.

| I made a symbolic link to gnome-terminal and
| called it xterm and when I get my green background and click and select
| "xterm" from the menu, an xterm actually opens.
| Thanks ... thi is workable although I have to play with the xterm to
| see if there are any issue - there were font messages in xstartup.out
| after I made the link.

That's probably gnome-terminal wanting more than xterm does.
Gnome-terminal isn't option-compatible with xterm, so it would be better
for you to install xterm.

| Thanks again for your help.  Ideally, xterm will be open when I vnc
| in rather than my having to click on the background to get a menu and
| select xterm ... do you know an easy way to do this ?  If not, that is
| fine ... this is at least workable.

The lack of xterm on startup is probably gnome-terminal not liking one
of the options in your xterm incanation (you are, after all, running
gnome-terminal and not xterm); hopefully there would be an error message
in the output file indicating this.

I would install xterm as a first choice, or otherwise explicitly run
gnome-terminal instead of xterm (with suitably changed options).

Is there a reason you can't install xterm using yum?
Or, if xterm _is_ installed, I would guess it is not in your $PATH.
In which case all you need to do is amend your $PATH in the xstartup.

A little digging in the installed packages should resolve this.

Cameron Simpson <cs@xxxxxxxxxx> DoD#743

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