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RH6.2 ...  not RHEL.  Yeah, *that* old.

I considered going to 8.0 when it came out, but never did it.

I'm afraid my server might be nearing its last legs, and it's gained some wonkiness recently (I think I have an impending HW failure), so I'm considering the upgrade to something new.  Of course, this means I throw away all my ipchains stuff and move to iptables (or whatever is en vogue, these days), likely re-do my, and several handfuls of other scripts & apps to get it working, but....

Maybe it's worth it.

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Burke, Thomas (ES) wrote:
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> Marti, Robert wrote:
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>>> I'm seriously considering upgrading my server to Fedora.  All the
>>> distros I see, however, tout their "desktopiness."  Are they all good
>>> to use as a server, or is there one in particular I should use?  Or
>>> something else, for that matter?  I am intrigued by the engineering
>>> "spin," and might like to install all that stuff
>>> on my server, as well...
> I concur. I would *NEVER* use fedora on a real server - it's bleeding
> edge, not leading edge. If uptime is more important than the n33t3st,
> c00l3st f38tur3s (esp. when they don't always work), use something that's
> behind the times, like RHEL or CentOS.
> Well...  The upgrade will be from RH 6.2....  So yeah, I'm not real
> concerned with latest & greatest.
> But my uptime has been near 100% over the last 10 years or so...

So, why are you even considering it... wait, are do you mean RH 6.2 (10
years old), or RHEL, in which case, I didn't think 6.2 was out, only 6.1?


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