RHEL5.3 x64 first boot problem on FTS RX300 S6 - grub not loading

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Hello All,

I just wonder if it is known case that right after installation of RHEL 5.3 x64 on FTS RX300 S6 the grub is even not loading. What I've done is standard RAID (mirroring) configuration in the LSI menu (CTRL + C during post)
hd1 + hd3 = mirror1
hd2 + hd4 = mirror2

I've booter from DVD installed like via gui (no lvm) everything on sda:
/boot    ext3    200MB   (sda1)
/    ext3    40960MB    (sda2)
Swap    ext3    20480MB
/opt    ext3 <Free space>
/var    ext3    10240MB
/usr    ext3    10240MB
/home    ext3    20480MB
/tmp    ext3    20480MB

Then after reboot when the server wants to boot the screen becomes black, and there is no grub.

I've booted to rescue mode with rhel DVD, performed grub installation "setup (hd0) (hd0,0)" the result was successful but still after reboot the screen is black :(.

Do you have any hints about this?

Do you think that using dd to load stage1 directly into /dev/sda could be good idea?


Tomasz Ostrowski
Nokia Siemens Networks Ltd, Thailand
OPS Integrated OEM and Digital Supply/APAC
Mobile NEW: +66 824 85 87 70
Time Zone: GMT+7

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