Re: java 1.6.0 and tomcat 5

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On 17/06/11 16:05, Florez, Nestor wrote:
> OK, I  pointed my JAVA_HOME to /usr/bin/java and when I start tomcat5
> I get:

Under the alternatives system, /usr/bin/java is a link to the Java
runtime executable. What Tomcat requires in JAVA_HOME is the base
directory of the Java installation. If you want to use alternatives to
control the location of Java then try setting JAVA_HOME to
/etc/alternatives/java_sdk. Othterwise set it to the base directory
where the RPM installed Java.

BTW, I presume you have installed openjdk-devel. AFAIK Tomcat requires a
Java compiler to compile JSP and you want that compiler to match the JVM
runtime. You most definitely do not want it to be some gcj abomination.

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