open port in iptables for specific lenght of time

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I have been googling for this and haven't found it.  I know I have seen it
before and thought that it was an iptables command and not a separate
script, but I can't remember as it has been a while since I have seen it.
What I want to do is to open a port on the firewall with iptables for a set
time, like 5 hours and then after 5 hours, it will close the port again.
Can anybody point me in the right direction, or if it is a command of
iptables, maybe post that for me?


We have a system that is locked down and you have to use a key to get ssh
access to it.  We have employees and customers that are on dynamic IP's that
keep switching.  They don't have root access.  What I am trying to do is
create a script that they can log into and it will get their current IP
address and open the firewall for a specified length of time. Once open,
they would still have to use their public/private key to ssh into it.  I
agree this isn't perfect, but it is better than just leaving that port open
to the world all the time.


Any help would be appreciated




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