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	Unless you need to exchange data with other tape drives, I'd SERIOUSLY forget about tapes.  When you can get USB attached 500 GB hard drives for $59.99 at any WalMart, why would you want tape?

	You can reformat the hard drives with ext3 partitions and write to them direct.  Most of the tape backup utilities will support USB hard drives as well.

	But when I last had a customer with an external drive like that (on a 1U rack server), it did just become /dev/st0.


On May 31, 2011, at 3:12 PM, Allen, Jack wrote:

> Hello:
>        Has anybody used the USB 4mm Tape Drive that IBM offers?
>        Does it appear as /dev/st0 or some other device name?
>        Does it function just like a SCSI attached 4mm tape drive?
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