Re: RFC: use TRIM data from filesystems to speed up array rebuild?

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On Tue, 04 Sep 2012 12:06:26 -0600 Chris Friesen <chris.friesen@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi,
> I'm not really a filesystem guy so this may be a really dumb question.
> We currently have an issue where we have a ~1TB RAID1 array that is 
> mostly given over to LVM.  If we swap one of the disks it will rebuild 
> everything, even though we may only be using a small fraction of the space.
> This got me thinking.  Has anyone given thought to using the TRIM 
> information from filesystems to allow the RAID code to maintain a 
> bitmask of used disk blocks and only sync the ones that are actually used?
> Presumably this bitmask would itself need to be stored on the disk.
> Thanks,
> Chris

Something like this?


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