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Hi All,

 Have questions  about making raid5  thread  use all the cores on my
linux based storage server !

- My  storage server  has upto 8 cores  running linux kernel
- I created  a raid5 device of  10  SSDs .
-  It seems  I only have single raid5 kernel thread,  limiting  my
WRITE  throughput  to single cpu  core/thread.
Question :   What are my options to make  my raid5 thread use all the
CPU cores ?
                  My SSDs  can do much more but  single raid5 thread
from mdadm   is becoming the bottleneck.

To overcome above single-thread-raid5 limitation (for now)  I  re-configured.
     1)  I partitioned  all  my  10 SSDs into 8  partitions:
     2)  I created  8   raid5 threads. Each raid5 thread having
partition from each of the 8 SSDs
     3)  My WRITE performance   quadrupled  because I have 8 RAID5 threads.
Question: Is this workaround a   normal practice  or may give me
maintenance problems later on.

vincy F.
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