Re: mdadm-3.2.5: segfault in "--grow --continue"

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On Wed, 11 Jul 2012 13:15:38 +0200 Sebastian Hegler
<sebastian.hegler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi!
> Am 11.07.2012 um 04:26 schrieb NeilBrown:
> > I should have asked which kernel you were running.  
> > I'm guessing that it is earlier than 2.6.25, and so is missing upstream commit
> >   25156198235325805cd7295ed694509fd6e3a29e
> > 
> > that fixes a bug which causes reshape not to restart if array was assembled auto-read-only.
> The system is running vanilla 3.4.4, actually. So maybe there's another code path where this is missing...

Odd..  I cannot reproduce this (as RAID5 reshaping to more devices always
starts reshaping once it becomes writable).

> Thank you four your help. My RAID6 arrays are up again, and all data is still there.
Thanks this important thing!


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