Re: drivers/block/cpqarray.c:938:2: error: too many arguments to function 慴lk_rq_map_sg�

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Hi Jens,

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 08:30:11AM +0200, Jens Axboe wrote:
> On 06/14/2012 01:03 AM, wfg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > FYI, kernel build failed on
> > 
> > tree:   git:// multiqueue
> > head:   e9a6aa8a0b7b93195774a9fcf551632bf3abcd97
> > commit: 67db7275fa4325d46853a4bfcb79acf32e48eca8 [1/3] multiqueue: a hodge podge of things
> The multiqueue branch is a private branch, it's known broken on many
> configs at the moment.

OK. Sorry my script just blindly build tests every new/updated branches
in the tree. It does try to reduce noise level by remembering all warned
error messages. However if it still presents a problem to the private
branches, I can either explicitly blacklist "multiqueue", or let the
script automatically skip commits whose "^Signed-off-by:" is still missing.

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