On mdadm 3.2 and bad-block-log

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is it possible to keep mdadm 3.2 installed in the system (e.g. 3.2 as the monitoring daemon) and have an array with bad-block functionality (created with 3.3) running, or this will do a mess?

Bad-block functionality is in mdadm-3.3 but this has not been released yet. I was thinking about using it only once to create the array.

However I am still missing the manual for mdadm-3.3, where is that? without that I don't know how I should launch it to create an array with bad blocks.

Another question: are older kernels such as 3.0 capable to run an array created with bad-block-log, obviously without using the bad-block-log functionality? oh but that could be dangerous, couldn't it...

Thank you
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