Re: Add set bad lba function in md-faulty module.

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On Mon, 14 May 2012 18:22:25 +0800 "kedacomkernel" <kedacomkernel@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi all:
> 	In order to test md code, sometime we need  simulate read/write harddisk error.
> 	Using hdparm --make-bad-sector to  simulate  read error.But I did not find way of  simulating write-error.
> 	I tested md-faulty module, it can do this.But it is not provide the function link hdparm --make-bad-sector,which did not set lba.
> 	Using hdpamr --make-bad-sector to  simulate read error can cause some problem.
> 	It will cause ata commnd reset,disk reset and so on.It take too log time.
> 	So I think add a function in md-faulty which can set read/write lba.
> 	How about ?

I don't know how --make-bad-sector works so it might not be possible to get
md to respond to the same command.  But if it can work it sounds like a good

Patches welcome.


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> kedacomkernel
> 2012-05-14
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